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    What the heck is Moulage for Manikins?

    Moulage is the art of creating mock injuries for the purpose of training. “Moulage for Manikins” is the cookbook we wrote. It includes all sorts of recipes for whipping up mock injury related goo and bodily fluids. Imagine if CPR Annie coughed up phlegm. At Sick Kitchen, we show instructors how to make pus, vomit, blood, sores, scabs, clots, urine, bowel eviscerations, nasogastric drainage, and other ick that is even harder to spell.

    Why do you make moulage?

    Well, we are medical instructors who recognize that adding the ick to simulation manikins greatly enhances the training experience. We also enjoy grossing people out and impressing six year-olds with fake vomit that smells like real vomit.

    Don’t manikins already do this stuff?

    Sure, if you have a few hundred thousand dollars you can buy a simulation doll that pukes on command. Here at Sick Kitchen, we understand that funding is always a challenge. Our book helps you push your existing simulation technology further. Besides, this stuff is great for parties, art openings, Halloween, and job interviews.