• Simulated Burns

    Date: 2009.05.07 | Category: Recipes, Special Effects, Tips & Tricks | Tags: ,,,,,,

    Jeanne did some burn scenarios last week and we came up with a sleeve of blisters. In a nutshell this is what we did.

    There are two kinds of Bubble Wrap in use here. The larger Bubble Wrap (I bought a sheet at the UPS store) was injected with vanilla pudding. That was a bad idea, so I went to plan B.

    I cut a tiny slit in the back of a bubble and gently shoved Vaseline inside. I sealed it with glue and placed it on the small Bubble Wrap. Jeanne put blush over the wrap to make it look red, sprinkled fireplace ashes over the whole wrap and misted it with water so the ash would stay on. Then she put the whole thing around the manikin’s arm, like a sleeve.

    The students loved it. I admit it’s primitive, but it looks like burn blisters. Students have to be careful of the larger blisters because you don’t want them to break.

    It’s easy clean-up, and I know Jeanne took the whole thing to our other campus and used it for their Sim Day. My kind of deal: reusable moulage. My daughter likes it too because I end up cleaning out her fireplace whenever we need more ashes.